In order to deliver greater value to our clients and associates, we have focused on the continuous improvement of our processes, resulting in a significant change in the way we manage our projects.

Moreover, even though we are an organization that primarily focuses on project management, in 2009 we started implementing the techniques and processes of "Lean Construction", with great emphasis on the planning of work sites through a systematic approach to maximize value and reduce waste at the project delivery level.

Additionally, at the present time we are the leaders in our country in implementing the tool "Last Planner", and in the application of the principles of "5S", oriented in the systematization of processes, quality, safety, order, and cleanliness in our projects with encouraging results in increased productivity.

As a result of these new processes and techniques incorporated into the daily management of the organization we decided to integrate an specialize team dedicated to the development of Systems, Processes and Organization (SIPO), which covers all processes of Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

With the implementation of these management techniques, we are able to achieve significant improvements in time allocation for each project as well as reducing costs, while increasing quality and services, hence providing greater value to our clients and associates.