Company Structure

Stambul is managed by a Board of Directors; the board oversees all the matters related to the operations of the company. The board of directors is headed by a President and a Vice-President.

Functions and Responsibilities

The President manages the company's Department of New Projects and acts as the Chief Financial Officer of the company. On the other hand, the Vice-President handles the contracting of the company through Technical Department and the Department of Asset Upholding and Maintenance.

The Technical Department is the entity in charge of developing and overseeing the engineering, supply and construction projects in which the company has been retained as contractor. Due to the fact that every contract comprises an independent project by itself, this division is designed to be flexible as to accommodate to every project in terms of multidisciplinary performing capabilities and location.

The Field Management Department is trusted with the responsibility of supervising and carrying out the activities at the job site.

Chain of Command and Communication

The chain of command is consequential to the activities pertaining to each department director; therefore activities related to the administrative operation of the company will be handled by the Presidency, its related departments and those divisions directly reporting to the President. On the other hand, those activities pertaining to the contracting and construction business of the company will be performed by the Field Management Department, overseen by the Technical Department and reported to the Vice-Presidency.

Intra-company communications will be as indicated by the chain of command described before. External communications will be handled by the appropriate department. In whichever case, if any of the company staff is contacted, the employee should make immediately aware its supervisor of the external communication and if necessary report it to the department director.